Thursday, December 24, 2009

JL's Vegan Saag Paneer - JL's Brilliant Mind

ORIGINAL Homemade vegan Indian food at its finest. JL experimented and came up with this recipe.

In a food processor, [If its a new, shiny, and white Cuisinart one - all the better!] process: sauted onions, fresh spinach, and chunks of carrot.

JL - what type of oil did you use to saute the onions?
JL - did you cook the carrots before processing or where they raw?
JL - are there any ingredients missing?

Saute some cubed tofu too. Serve hot with oven-baked pita (our version of naan (sp?)].

This is a simple recipe! It might be fun to experiment with various (Indian) spices. Great dish, Julia and thanks for taking care of the dishes, SW! Let's do it again soon :)

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  1. I boiled the carrots before processing. I also sauteed the onions with garlic in olive oil. Also, don't forget to add some salt.