Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stir-Fry 2004 - An ORIGINAL by LH, MOC, and ET

Here's the recipe for an original dish, dubbed Stir-Fry 2004 in honor of our high school reunion we attended the same night of its creation.

In a wok, add a splash of tamari, small scoop of sugar, and a little water. Heat and saute Chinese broccoli. Add tofu cubes, fresh minced ginger, and Soy Vay sauce. Top with a few chopped scallions. Cook until hot.

This was a simple, delicious dish that was thrown together fairly last minute by three inexperienced chefs. It is a dish I'd like to recreate in the future!

We wanted to add some minced garlic, but last minute decided against doing so for fear that we'd have horrible breath whilst "catching up" with former classmates of ours. Haha! Next time, a little garlic might be a nice touch. Also, serving this dish over some sticky rice or noodles would make this a "complete meal".

***Unfortunately, there are no pictures because blogging didn't even cross my mind - I was pretty preoccupied with pre-reunion jitters (if you want to call them that, haha!)

Woo hoo to building confidence in the kitchen and experimenting sans formal recipe!

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